Advertising on Amazon

Spend wisely on Amazon ads

From keywords to products targeting, sellers wrestle to reduce advertising costs. Get closer to your goal by automatically prevent bad ads from costing you.
“ In 2020, 75% of Amazon sellers use Amazon PPC ads and 62% of sellers are concerned about increasing ad costs on Amazon. ”
What we offer

Cost-saving filters

From the moment you sign in and enable PPC filters you need, soon your Amazon PPC campaigns can become more cost-effective than ever.

AI-powered software

PPCWIZ will help you better pick and control your keywords and products. It is designed to support from very small-sized sellers to top sellers.

Who we are
Former Amazonian, top seller, business expert, ads consultants, and top developers joined
together to help you advertise better.

At no cost, you can benefit our solution to lower your ACoS and increase ROIs from Amazon PPC.
Search keywords or viewing similar products on Amazon
Search keywords to let shoppers discover your brand
Reaching relevant audiences on and off Amazon
Key features
We provide pay-per-click filters to proactively detect and eliminate bad terms and products from user’s campaign.
Keyword validation filter
Validate keywords to save you money automatically. It will measures how relevant your keywords are and remove bad keywords.
Product validation filter
Validate products by using machine learning technology to make sure your ads bring better sales and profits with the filter.
Performance validation filter
Validate both keywords and products by using data analytics. It helps you make much faster decision and save money.
How it works
We know you’re busy - that’s why we made it simple so that you can start saving money as easy as possbile.
Explore how to join in 3 easy steps.
We are approved to offer API solution to Amazon sellers. You can join us in a just few seconds securely using Login with Amazon.
Enable filters
Enable filters you need by simply clicking on few buttons.
Save costs
PPCWIZ will make you spend less by using AI-powered software.


About the ppcwiz service

Supporting marketplaces
Reduce ad costs with integrations into your Amazon campaigns.